During the months of May and June, the pilot training program was carried out in two differents cities of Spain: Valencia and Catarroja. The main objective was to promote active aging through the collaborative nonprofit economy aimed at the elderly, associations and nonprofit organizations.  

During the program, the different digital tools were tested for exploiting the platforms supporting the collaborative nonprofit economy, as well as the needs and potential of the elderly were questioned.

To meet the goals of the project, two groups from different contexts and profiles was defined. The first one consisted of a group of 15 people with medium/high studies, experience in participation in collaborative groups or associations and with a high level of digital skills. The second group was formed by neighbors from a locality of Valencia with previous experience in the realization of local activities and with a lower level in digital skills.

To facilitate the course, several programmed activities were proposed, such as immersion in ICTs or the creation of online groups where exchanges of services and / or activities of interest take place.

In both groups, the fundamental concepts of the project and the use of the necessary tools will be worked on.

In the first group, it focused especially on the creation of collaborative economy platforms within the institutions or associations to which they belonged as a way to increase the participation of the people involved.

With the second group, it was agreed to carry out various programmed activities to encourage the participation of the participants, the creation of collaboration groups for the realization of joint leisure activities and the use of new technologies through social networks.

Finally, as participants, they expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with the materials and knowledge provided throughout the course.